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Our 4X4 trip to Wedge Island


Western Australia
(Before the new paved road was built.)


4X4 trip on September 19, 2004, with Peter and Linda (and Jack) in their Toyota Landcruiser, Paul and Karen (with Roxanne and Jake) in their Holden Jackeroo, Mike (with Jessica, Renee and Brodie) and his sister Kelly  (with Brad) in Mike's and Trina's Nissan Patrol, and Ann and myself in our Lada Niva. It had rained early that morning which gave the normally bright white sand a damp yellowy look, but made it easier to drive on.


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Hitting the beach.  Next time, Pete, remember to lock the front diff!



Lunch at Russel's shack at Wedge.









Paul's found an oil leak in his Holden Jackaroo.




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Wedge Island community of old fishing shacks, Western Australia.



White beaches and sand dunes just north of Wedge Island community, Western Australia.



The sand was damp due to rain the previous day which helped traction, but it was not long till we found someone bogged.



Pete giving a stranger a helping hand.



The peanut gallery.



While the big boys play 'Rescue', the kids just play.



Heading back south from Wedge Island through the sand hills.



Some times the track was easy to find - sometimes it was non-existent.




BEYOND SIGHT,  the Derek Rabelo Story

 A blind surfer - Do you believe?







Time for some FUN!









Even our un-bogged friend in his Toyota FJ50 made a splash.



Time for a cuppa tea or a tinnie.



Linda boiling the pot.



Beer break.



Ann with my Lada Niva.
















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Ready for some more fun in the sand.

























"It was all Dad's fault!"



Pete ploughing uphill.






Sand manoeuvres near Lancelin, Western Australia.




"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider

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Letter to the Philippians  ch.2  vs.5-11.  The Holy Bible - New King James Version




Toyota Sahara Landcruiser FJ60 4x4 with 308 Holden V8, auto transmission and converted to LPG.



My Lada Niva 1998 1.7 injected 4x4 on the sand dunes north of Lancelin, WA. I had only begun the modifications at this stage.



Back to the beach from a trip through the scrub.



Ready to head home, with Wedge Island in the background.



The end of the day, Lancelin, WA.



Reinflating the tyres at Lancelin for the drive back to Perth, Western Australia.








North of Carnarvon



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