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Tim & Jo's Wedding

Middle Swan, Western Australia

2nd October 2004.  Timothy, the last un-married son of our long-time family friends Peter and Sue, married Joanna at the Swan City Church, Middle Swan.

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The Young Earth, Revised & Expanded

Did God create our world in six literal days, or did it evolve on its own over countless eons of time? The age

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versus religion, but is it really that simple?  The answers to these questions are vital to understanding not just

earth science, but also the biblical record. Dr John Morris’ The Young Earth scientifically examines the evidence

to see what the earth actually reveals about itself. This classic and definitive work, newly revised and expanded, demonstrates that the Bible can be trusted in questions of science and history.  The Young Earth offers both compelling scientific analysis and effective biblical exposition. A powerful resource, it also includes a CD

with PowerPoint presentations that illustrate such key concepts as salt levels in the oceans, the age of the atmosphere, the accumulations of ocean sediments and much more.
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Soldiers In The Lord's Army  by Go Fish











Peter & Sue Miles (far right) and their family.






MAX & ANN'S WEDDING Ian & Linda's Wedding

Dad & Mum Jefferies


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