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Quobba Coast

 Western Australia

The Quobba blowholes and camping area are located some 70 kilometres north of Carnarvon, via the North West Coastal Highway. At the blowholes, a powerful jet of water is forced with terrific pressure through a hole in the rocks, sometimes to a height of 20 metres. One kilometre south of the blowholes, lies a splendid beach, protected by a coral reef. A small pool adjacent to the island contains tropical fish and shells, and is a marine sanctuary. Oysters can be prised from the rocks, and crays can be found amongst the reef. The clear waters are ideal for diving and for watching the marine life. There is a deep natural port located 30 kilometres north from the blowholes at Cape Curvier. Here Japanese ships load beneath the 60 metre cliff. Nearby is the most westerly point of Australia. The local 1988 wreck site of the "Korean Star" is easily accessible by road for viewing, however little remains of the ship today. Although beautiful, parts of the area can also be dangerous, so keep a wary eye on the tides and beware of king waves. Camping permitted - no fresh water available.


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Image sourced from http://maps.google.com.au/



The remains of a fence post in one of the small salt pans on the road into Quobba, Western Australia.



The Blowholes area is 73km from Carnarvon town. The turnoff is 24kms north via the North West Coastal Highway, and then

its 49kms to the coast on all bitumen roads. 4 wheel drive is NOT needed to enjoy most of what the Quobba coast has to offer.



Danger: although this is a beautiful spot, parts of the area can also be dangerous so keep a wary eye on the tides

and be aware of KING WAVES!  Camping is permitted in the camping area for a nominal fee.




Copyright © Answers in Genesis Ministries International.   Answers in Genesis




The Blow Holes at Point Quobba were discovered in 1911.



The blow holes work best on a low tide and big swells. This was not a big swell day.



A powerful jet of water is forced with enormous pressure through holes in the rock. The large hole was once the main spout.



In the right conditions, it sometimes reaches a height of 20m.



Looking north over the camping area and island nature reserve at Quobba, Western Australia.



There are many little nooks to park a van or tent. There are a number of simple toilets spread through the area,

but nothing else is available. No water. No electricity.



Blow Holes camping area looking south.  Quobba is 967 kms north of Perth. There is a resident ranger during winter months

and (cheap) camping fees apply.



Shacks are mainly owned by locals from Carnarvon & surrounding stations. The Carnarvon shire is working to have them removed.



Some shacks are well used and semi-permanent while others are ruins.



The boat ramp car park and toilet at Quobba, Western Australia.



Some shade pergolas have been placed along the beach.



The boat 'ramp' at Blow Holes camping area. I have been told that there is a concrete ramp buried under the sand somewhere.



The sand is soft and not suitable for larger boat launching.



Heading out for a days fishing after several days of howling southerlies and very rough seas.



On one of the three days fishing, we got enough for all 9 of us to have a fish feast.  Boat is 4.2m with a 30hp motor.





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Continuing south through the camping area is 4x4 only.



No beach driving in this area. The sand is much too soft. This is the southerly most point accessible by 4WD.



Nice beach just south around the point from the camp area.



A perfect fishing beach that produced a sized spangled emperor in the first 10 minutes. (I was passing by at the time.)



Beach fishing south of Quobba camping area, Western Australia.  What could be better than this?



Looking north over the bay at the Blow Holes camp area at Quobba, Western Australia.



My little Lada Niva 4X4 at Quobba.  View my Lada Niva here...



Point Quobba Light House at the back of the camp area.



Our camp site near the entrance to the Blow Holes Camping Area, Western Australia, 30m from the beach.



The first tent site near Graeme & Marg's van proved too windy, and so Ann & I had to shift close in to one of the empty hut and van setups.



How good is this?



Scrabble in holiday mode. It's a tough life!



Laughs and jeers from the peanut gallery. "Oooo these things do ride up, maybe I should have bought a larger size?!"



"Hey!  At least I'm in the water, you wimpy girls!"







Michael Sanders Videography on Vimeo.





The Quobba Canvas Hilton.  Afternoon snack time.



Mike and Trina's family.



The Quobba Station is just north of the Blow Holes Camping Area.  Image sourced from www.panoramio.com/



Quobba Station has a small shop and ice is available. Your choice of accommodation ranges from caravan sites and

camping under palm frond humpies, fishing shacks or cottages.   Image sourced from http://alanandmia.blogspot.com/ 



A day trip north to Cape Cuvier on a fine but very windy day. The Lake MacLeod Salt loading jetty is on the small peninsular.



The Lake MacLeod Salt ship loading facility, Cape Cuvier, Western Australia.



An enticing spot to fish, but pick your times and take precautions. You will also need a running gaff (line gaff).



What's left of the Korean Star (that bit in the water) at Cape Cuvier, Western Australia.



The Korean Star when it first struck.  Image sourced from www.panoramio.com/

"A major incident in Western Australia occurred when the bulk carrier Korean Star grounded in the vicinity of Cape Cuvier, within the port limits of

Carnarvon. The vessel went aground on 20 May 1988 as a result of cyclonic weather conditions, which caused it to drag its anchor. The Korean

Star was declared a constructive total loss after it broke in two following the grounding. About 600 tonnes of fuel oil were lost from the vessel."



A rugged and beautiful coast. The track on the right takes you down to the ship wreck site - but check first if you are not 4WD.



Rusting remains of the front half of the Korean Star. Strictly 4x4 down the track to the waters edge.



There are plenty of oysters to be had, but it is very  dangerous. A safer spot to collect oysters is near the island at the Quobba Blow Holes.




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Red Bluff Camping Ground - very expensive camping fees, but a truly beautiful spot with a great sandy beach. Western Australia.



Some of the small shacks for rent at Red Bluff, Western Australia.



Red Bluff is a world renowned surfing spot with waves ranging from 1-6 meters depending on the time of the year.

Image sourced from www.seabreeze.com.au/



The beautiful wide sandy beach at Red Bluff can get rough at times. You can drive in here with a car, but 4x4 is recommended.

The dirt road gets a bit sandy in patches.



The bare-essentials local shop at Red Bluff. Bring everything with you including water and power.










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