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Onslow - Fishing & Crabbing


 Western Australia

For the fisherpersons among us, there is plenty of opportunity to catch a feed in Onslow. Throw in a line at the groyne or try Four Mile Creek. Cruise the many creek systems in a boat or explore the many islands near Onslow. Visit the Mackerel Islands, often described as a fisherman's paradise. There are 10 islands located 23 kilometres off the coast. Thevenard Island, a six kilometre long coral atoll, boasts perfect white beaches, abundant fish, and spectacular coral for snorkelling.


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An early morning launch with Steve's 4x4 and Kevin's boat, 'The Bagman', at the Beadon Bay launch ramp.

There has been a second ramp built on the other side of the jetty now.



Heading out of Beadon Creek for a days fishing, Onslow, Western Australia.




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Unleashing the 115 horses in Beadon Bay.




Janet, with Kevin at the wheel of his beloved 'Bagman'.                              The centre console area of  'Bagman'.            




 Kevin suiting-up to try for some crays.




 Graeme keeping a watch over Kevin and Steve.                                                 The reef is around 20 kms off shore.          



 The reef was well exposed due to the low tide.



Steve brings one of three crays caught in 20 minutes.




Moving to a new spot on the GPS - fishing off Onslow, WA.                         I caught the first fish of the day within 2 minuets of my line

                                                                                                              getting wet. A nice Red Emperor. No kiss-and-release here.



When Giant Trevally are on the bite, chaos reigns.



Early afternoon on Beadon Bay and dead calm.



Heading home.



Heading to the ramp with Onslow town in the background.



Looking out at the entrance to Beadon Creek.





Jesus name...  more than a swear word!


Sharefaith on Vimeo.






What a fisherman!  The first and last fish of the day.                                        Kevin and Janet's home supplied by Onslow Salt.




Onslow Salt works behind the town.                                                                   Kevin and Janet's back yard.




Steve hosing down the boat after a hard mornings fishing.                                    The day's not over till the fillets are in the freezer.       




' The Bagman ', Onslow, Western Australia.




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Entrance from Beadon Bay to a tidal creek just north of Onslow, Western Australia.



Come back out of the tidal creek.   Man, the midges were thick.   Don't forget the repellent!






Beadon Bay flotsam.



Input pumping station for the salt evaporation ponds.      This area is restricted and is not open to the public.




          Sea water is sucked up out of Beadon Creek at high tides.              The water is pumped out of these outlets at the beginning of the salt ponds.



Mud crabs caught from the local tidal creeks around Beadon Bay.   They turn red after cooking.



Kevin and Graeme enjoying the catch and a few beers.




Kevin & Janet's dogs.     Spoooky eyes!










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