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Max's Camera Equipment


Update Note: How technology moves on. Below is described my camera gear used for taking

most of the photos on this website - but has now been replaced (July 2012) with a Sony

Cyber-shot HX200V at 18.2 megapixels (more details will come soon). Most of the digital cameras around these days have far higher specs than my old Fuji S602Z gear and with more features. You can now pick up great little compact at around $150au, or even a digital SLR around $800au. Also, memory cards of 64GB are now the go, and rechargeable N-Mh AA batteries of 3,000ma. The old Fuji FinePix S602Z was not much good for printing any larger size prints and lost focus around the edges, so I am very please to have finally replaced it.


My first digital camera was a Fuji FinePix 1.3, which I had won in a photo competition (with the photo on the right) on the web at www.travelmate.com.au. It was opportune as I had recently sold my Pentax MZ50 SLR due to financial difficulties (a black day indeed). Though the FinePix 1.3 was only a “happy snappy”, it had a few good features, but of course it only wet my appetite for the real thing. Some of the photos on this site are from the FinePix 1.3, which actually printed far better images than I had expected. I sold that camera in order to save for a real digital. It took a while, but in Feb. 2003 it arrived.


I am still reasonably happy with my FinePix S602Z, but my knowledge and experience has grown, so I am starting to think about upgrading to a Digital SLR, where I can change lenses and shoot in Raw format. The Fujifilm S3 Pro looks interesting, but I am also rather partial to the Canon SLRs as well. 


I bought my current camera online in 2003 for just under $1,500. Harvey Norman were asking $1,700, and so didn’t get my custom. Ozistores also had 128meg Smart Media cards for $99 each - I got two. I have since bought another three 128meg storage cards. I also bought two sets (4 in set) of Sanyo 1,700ma nickel metal hydride AA batteries ($30 set) and a small 3hr charger with car adapter included ($45) from a local Batteries Plus store.


So here is a quick overview of the FinePix S602Z: 3rd generation 3.1 million effective pixels Super CCD system produces ultra sharp yet colourful 6.0 million pixel images and can yield 1600 ISO at 1 MegaPixel with minimal electronic noise, higher shutter speeds, a bright F2.8 Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) Fujinon 6X (35-210mm) optical Zoom Lens with a 13-step aperture. Pixel-Mixing Technology can produce digital VGA resolution movies at 30 fps. Dual media slots (Smart Media & Micro Drive), a manual focus ring, Manual control, Aperture or Shutter priority, AE scene modes, custom white balance, hot shoe mount and an electronic mini LCD through-the-lens (TTL) viewfinder.


I also bought the optional .79X wide angle lens and the 1.5X telephoto lens with 55 mm adapter tubes. I have since fitted a UV filter and hood to one of the adapter rings supplied with each lens, and use a polarising filter for bright outdoor shots. When using the hood and filters, there is shadows in the corners of the image at it's widest angled shots. I take care of this in Paint Shop Pro at home. I also purchased a good tripod.


I have progressed into shooting most of my landscape shots at the highest setting in my camera - producing a .TIFF image of 17 MB (uncompressed = 34 MB), but still use the highest .JPEG format at 2.2 MB size for most situations. This camera does not have a Raw option, otherwise I would use that.


My printer is a Canon S9000. I read a comparison of printers in Computer Choice magazine at the time of purchase which rated the Canon S900/S9000 as the only printer to achieve excellent for printing photos, in the home desktop range. It also has 6 separate ink cartridges, so you are assured of using every drop of your precious coloured ink.  I have since purchased a Canon Pixma iP6700D, again with the 6 separate ink cartridges.





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