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Matt & Bianca's Family - 2004

Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory

Our second visit with Matthew (our oldest son) and Bianca, Tyler, Caleb and Noah while living on base at Royal Military College Duntroon, Canberra, 2004. We flew over this time and rented a car to get around. Again, it was June, the middle of winter, and we were there to see Matt graduate military college to become an officer. With us was my sister, Elvie, and younger son Daniel.

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An airport welcome to Canberra, ACT.                                           Nanna brought bubble-guns as presents.







A Boy and a Bubble.



                                                                                                    Noah, Tyler and Caleb.


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The laughing brothers.                                                                                   Noah.          




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Sergeant and Mrs Jefferies off to dinner at the mess.                                          Cracker night, Canberra, ACT.                





Mid-winter cracker-night street bar-be-que.






Rest Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit Christian organization that exists to serve people who live with

chronic illness or pain, and their families, by providing spiritual, emotional, relational, and practical

support through a variety of resources.




              Emily gets a hug from Noah.                                             Elvie, Ann and Caleb at the Botanical Gardens.




                          Caleb the frog.                                                        Our visit to the High Court of Australia, ACT.




Our outing to the city centre of Canberra, ACT                                                  Bianca and her mum, Linda.          




Aunty Elvie and Matt.                                                                                 Bianca.         



Photos before the grad ball.







The Veracity Project on Vimeo.







Brothers - Matthew and Daniel.                                                                                                   
















Matt & B's Family 2003

Matthew's Childhood

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