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Matt's Army Album

- censored from official security request by Army.


Gallery of Major Matthew Jefferies,

Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (RAEME)

Currently stationed in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

All photos taken and copyrighted by Max Jefferies unless otherwise indicated. Please only use my images for private or non-commercial purposes.

Photos taken by other persons are indicated and are copyrighted by them - click the link below the photo.


Images removed from official security request by Army.



“The Reason”


I am an Australian Soldier in Afghanistan.
I have shed blood, sweat and tears.
I have felt fear, loneliness, sadness, confusion, joy, love and pride.
I have eaten in halls with Generals and on dirt floors with soldiers.
I have seen the world’s most advanced technology clash with Stone Age simplicity.
I have seen fanaticism clash with idealism tempered with compassion and befuddled by religion.

Yesterday while sitting on a blanket in a small room that acts as a bedroom, an office and a dining room, one of the Afghan Officers showed me a picture of his 18month old daughter, in a pink dress with a ribbon in her hair. Although he speaks Dari and Pashtu he ignored the interpreter to tell me in broken English that she is the reason that he became a soldier. “She can go to school now.”

I am in Afghanistan not to stop terrorism, not because the Government sent me, not to prove myself as a man, not to test my skills, not for the tax free pay and not because I don’t have to mow the lawn or change a nappy for the next 4 months although these are all legitimate reasons. I am in Afghanistan because a young, proud Afghan father wants his daughter to go to school.

I have saluted the flag draped coffin as a peer was returned home. I know what this conflict costs. But I also see the skills and resources that we bring that are uniquely Australian. It may take 50 years to modernise and civilise Afghanistan to a “Western” standard. But that soldier’s daughter will attend school because of the difference that has been made in her short lifetime. The Taliban is defeated in Afghanistan, ISAF has a draw down date. A few more years and our Australian Soldiers will no longer patrol the streets and poppy fields in harm’s way.


I pray that we will not withdraw and forget. I pray that my sons will follow in my footsteps and that they may serve in Afghanistan in the near future as mentors and trainers. I hope they will experience this captivating culture and see the legacy of those who fought so their children could have freedom.


Written by Major Matthew Jefferies whilst deployed in Afghanistan with the Australian Army.

Copyrighted 2011.


Images removed from official security request by Army.



Like Dad  by the Skit Guys comedy team


So what’s the best legacy a dad can leave? A long shadow. Being someone his kids want to be like.

Watch as the idea of legacy is communicated throughout multiple generations.





Images of the Australian Armed Forces in Afghanistan from the internet...


Bushmaster vehicle on patrol. Image sourced from www.defenseindustrydaily.com/



American and Australian combat engineers rebuild the Mabey Johnson Bridge near Andar and Moqur in

eastern Afghanistan.   Image sourced from http://outontheporch.org/2008/08/


Afghanistan and Australian Army personnel meet for discussions.   Image sourced from http://helmandblog.blogspot.com/



Australian and Afghan soldiers sit with their gear ready to board US Black Hawks as part of an air mobile operation to the

east of Tarin Kowt in Southern Afghanistan.  Image sourced from http://www.nato.int/ISAF/media/photo/2009/phw/



Australian soldier challenges Afghan Boy at arm wrestling.  Image sourced from http://www.nato.int/ISAF/



Corporal Jenny Sapwell of Mentoring Task Force 2 has participated in a FET patrol where she and a

female interpreter went to the village of Sorkh Lez to meet with and talk to the local female population.

Image sourced from www.mysuburbannews.com.au/





"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son*,

that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

For God  did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,

but that the world through Him might be saved."  ( * Jesus )  

Gospel of John ch.3 vs.16 & 17   The Holy Bible - New King James Version





Bushmaster vehicle on patrol. Image sourced from www.terroristmedia.com/



An Australian Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle provides security with an Afghan National Army Ranger as

a Dutch Chinook helicopter approaches their shared Patrol Base in Uruzgan Province. 

Image sourced from www.defence.gov.au/opEx/global/opslipper/



U.S. Army 782nd Alpha Company, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles are prepped for a late night resupply convoy,

April 21, 2010, southern Afghanistan. 782nd members convoyed through the heart of Kandahar to deliver combat supplies

to U.S. and Coalition forces stationed at 3 different Forward Operating Bases in the downtown Kandahar area.  

Image sourced from www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php









Matt & Bianca's wedding 1

Matthew's Childhood

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