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Leonora - Leinster


North of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

The township of Leinster lies 368km north of Kalgoorlie and is often described as an oasis in the desert. Residents refer to it as either the 'home of the wedge tail eagle' or 'the jewel of the northern goldfields'. Leinster was first established in 1976 as a company town supporting the nickel mine of the Agnew Gold Mining Company. It takes the name from nearby Leinster Downs Station. Large scale mining in the area began in 1897 when the East Murchison United Company (EMU) began working on alluvial gold deposit in the vicinity of what is now the Emu gold operations. Western Mining Corporation Resources Ltd purchased the operation in 1989, renamed it 'Leinster Nickel Operations' and began recommissioning the operation.


Images taken over a few trips and with different vehicles.


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Image sourced from http://maps.google.com.au/



Leonora townsite looking north, Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.   Copyright - Panoramio - Derek A Graham




             Leonora War Memorial, WA.                                                          Tower St, looking south, Leonora, WA.

 Copyright - Panoramio - Derek A Graham                                                  Copyright - Panoramio - Derek A Graham




                Old miners cottage, Leonora, WA.                                         "The Tree of Knowledge", BP Garage, Leonora, WA.

  Copyright - Picasa - Richard                                                              Copyright - Picasa - Grahcom



Gwalia Mine just out of Leonora, WA. This old open cut mine was closed for years and has been re-opened as an underground mine,

access via the decline road on the right down to a depth of around 750m in 2007.  Copyright - Picasa - Grahcom



Camping out under the stars (when it gets dark) with a week exploring and metal detecting for gold around Leonora and Leinster in WA.



A more recent trip to the Leonora / Leinster area - yes it does bucket down with rain at times.



"Rain drops keep falling on my fire..."    This is about two o'clock in the afternoon. Parked on top of a hill on rocky ground.



My little van is NOT 4x4, so was lucky not to have got stuck here. But I did get bogged big-time for about 2 hours in another spot.




Copyright ©  Answers in Genesis Ministries International.   www.AnswersinGenesis.org




The abandoned Corringie Settlement at Wilson's Patch, 65km north of the remote mining town of Leonora.

LOCATION: Half way between Leonora & Leinster, Western Australia, Australia.  28 19 14 S, 121 09 55 E.




A most interesting place, which seems to have closed late 1990's or early 2000's.



Some background info about Corringie can be found www.wilja.asn.au and postscript.



Dry compost toilets.



Buckminster Fuller designed geodesic domes. Unbleached canvas was stretched over each pentagonal frame.



The original homestead alongside one of the domes at Corringie Settlement.






Entrance road to Corringie Settlement with the art room on the left, Western Australia.



Inside the arts building.



Because the domes were covered in canvas, the Government stopped support for the project, which was a great shame.






This was the first homestead at Corringie Settlement.






An abandoned cloths hoist at Corringie Settlement.



This would have been great fun.









A shower/toilet block that never got finished at Corringie Settlement.










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The abandoned Corringie Settlement at Wilson's Patch, 65km north of the remote mining town of Leonora.






The three domes and homestead at Corringie Settlement.



The water tank still looks in good nick.



This old bus was also used as a home just off the main part of the Corringie Settlement.









A lone grave at Corringie, Western Australia.












The Veracity Project on Vimeo.





Rock formation on the turn-off road into the Leinster townsite, Western Australia.



The landscape around Leinster, Western Australia.



Leinster, Western Australia.



Leinster townsite, a green oasis in the red outback of Western Australia.



Worker's accommodation, Leinster townsite, Western Australia.



Worker's accommodation, Leinster townsite, Western Australia.



No shortage of water in the Leinster townsite, Western Australia.



Worker's accommodation, Leinster townsite, Western Australia.



Leinster is a mining town way out back, but looks like a great place to live.



The town oval, Leinster, Western Australia.




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Off to the east of the Goldfields Highway is a nice rocky area to free-camp - too rough for vans.









The Goldfields Hwy is good bitumen from Kalgoorlie right through to where it meets the Great Northern Highway at Meekatharra.



A Wedge Tailed Eagle and Crows picking at a recent Kangaroo road kill. Most Roos etc. are killed during the night by trucks.



Agnew townsite - that's it!  That's the whole town.



Mining tourist spot across from the Agnew Hotel.



The poppet head in the tourist display.




"God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets,

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( * Jesus )   Letter to the Hebrews  ch.1  vs.1-3.   The Holy Bible - New King James Version




The first of two blowouts on the rough dirt Old Agnew-Leinster road. Not good for ordinary car tyres.



Most creeks out back are dry until it rains.



One of the many clay pans throughout the region.  And my 1999 Ford Falcon Forte.



The Perth-Kalgoorlie water pipeline.



A fuel-tanker heading back to Perth along the Great Eastern Highway.



Heading home west into the setting sun after a week exploring the eastern goldfields.







Prospecting TRIP

Kurrawang mission

Jefferies family outings


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