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Picks Family Photo Album (Ann's family) - Vol. 1

Older snapshots from the Family Album

This is a small sample of the photos in our old family album, going back many years. The photos are scanned from old prints or transparencies (slides), and were taken by Max Jefferies or a member of my family, or on our behalf, and copyright is retained by us in all cases. Due to the age and deterioration of the prints and transparencies, image quality may be rather poor in some cases.


All photos are copyrighted and are not to be used for any purpose.


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Elaine's Grandparents.



   Ted & Elaine's.                                                                           Elaine and baby Ann, the first child.








To view most of Ann's images, click    ANN'S PHOTO ALBUM














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The Picks family lived in an old shop home on the corner of Whatley Crescent in Maylands, where Caledonian Ave crossed

the railway line, which was often the scene for vehicle accidents. We (the Jefferies family) lived next door and ran a firewood yard.
















































One year we had our extended family christmas dinner in the dinning hall at Lake Cooloongup Camp - on a very hot day.


Ann with her Dad & Mum, Ted and Elaine. Ann was 6 months pregnant with Matthew.


The Christmas photo of the Picks family at the campsite.












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Martin & Nerada's Wedding in Perth, Western Australia.





















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but have everlasting life. For God  did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,

but that the world through Him might be saved." 

( * Jesus )   Gospel of John ch.3  vs.13-17.  The Holy Bible - New King James Version












Ann sister Nancy, and her son James, at our house in Lathlain for Christmas Lunch 2003.




Christmas 2004 at the Picks home in Rivervale.  View full album HERE.




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