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Gordon & Irene Jefferies Family Album


These are my (Max's) parents.


This is a small sample of the photos in our old family album, going back many years. Many of the photos are

scanned from old prints or transparencies (slides). Due to the age and deterioration of some the prints and

transparencies, image quality may be rather poor in some cases.


All photos taken and copyrighted by Max Jefferies unless otherwise indicated. Please only use my images for private or non-commercial purposes.

Photos taken by other persons are indicated and are copyrighted by them - click the link below the photo.

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My Mum's parents, William Clair & Sarah (nee Parker)                                       My mother, Irene Clair, at aged 17 years.      


My father, Gordon, and his brother Owen.



My parents, Gordon & Irene Jefferies' wedding day.




My parents, Gordon & Irene Jefferies' wedding day at the Bassendean Salvation Army Hall.



My Dad built their house in 3rd Avenue, Bassendean. He even made the cement bricks himself.









One of the firewood saw setups that my Dad built in his early days.



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Aunty Daphne (left) outside the Bassendean Salvo's Hall.




Dad and Graeme at the building of the Mile End house

next to the Garage.




The Mile End house next to Grigo's Garage on Guildford Road, Bayswater that my Dad built.



The side view of the Mile End house that dad built, next to Grigo's Garage. I used to sleep in the enclosed veranda. Ford Customline.



Cutting a jarrah log in my Dad's "Mile End Sawmilling Co.", with our house in the background.



My family: Gordon (my Dad), Elvie, Irene (my Mum), Max (me), Beth and Graeme.



Me (Max) and my Dad, Gordon.




There are separate albums for Elvie and Beth as well.



Elvie, Mum and Beth - a winter's day.



Beth, Mum and Graeme aged 9.



Aunty Daphne, Grandma Clair and Aunty Grace.




Beth, Mum and Elvie - a summer's day.



Mum (Irene) and Max near London Court, Hay Street, Perth.



Mum and Max aged 6.



Lost and Found








Christmas at the Mile End house on Guildford Road, Bayswater, next to Grigo's Garage. Graeme, Elvie, Mum and Phil.



Christmas at the Mile End house: Elvie, Mum (Irene), Dad (Gordon), Steven, Me (Max) and Phil.



Mum (Irene) at Lancelin, December 1957.



Mum and Dad, plus the holiday camp at Lancelin, December 1957. Our family had lots of outings and holidays.



Not sure who this is, but it was taken at the shack at Kalbarri were our family had some holidays in late 1950's ???

Plenty of mud crabs around back then and we made pots to catch fish as well. A lot different these days.


My Dad's truck caught fire in the bush when he was bringing out a saw bench converted on the back of an old car.






The "Mile End Saw Mill Co." was built at the rear of our block and was a full-fledged operation.

During is working life it burnt down to the ground twice with no insurance to cover the loss for my parents.







My parents business, the Mile End Sawmilling Co.,
burnt down twice with no insurance to cover the loss.
They were devastated and lost almost everything.




Gordon, with his brother Owen, cut and transported firewood

for many years, and I also took up the business upon

leaving school at age 14.







My Dad, Edward Arthur (Gordon) Jefferies.




Gordon felling a dead jarrah tree in the forest behind Mundaring Weir, Western Australia.



The home-made gantry my dad built for moving and lifting the trees ready to be cut in to 12" sections for splitting by axe.



Gordon (my Dad) using one of his McCullock chain saws on the tree he just fell. These early chain saws had little anti-vibration handholds.



My brother Graeme and my Dad hard at work cutting the 8 ton of firewood for the days truck load.




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My parents, Gordon and Irene.



My sister Beth's 21st birthday, with Mum and Dad.




Dad and Mum (on right) at the Fisher Street house.



My sister Beth & father on Beth's wedding day to
Ken Foster.


Crabbing down at Mandurah.



Christmas at Graeme and Marge's house in Embleton.































See more of this extended family trip up to Shark Bay HERE.







Mum and Dad's train trip to Queensland - most photos were damaged by fungus and dumped.















































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Mum and Dad at Fisher Street house in Bassendean.                                                Mum and Dad with Elvie.                













Alice Springs & Gunbarrel Highway Trip in April '85.








At Coober Pedy.












































Trina and Dad.





My Dad and Mum's 60th Wedding Anniversary held at Beth and Ken's home in Dawesville.


















        Click image to explore       



Mum & Dad's Cervantes home.


































Mum, Dad and Candy at their home at Cervantes.  Note the big beard and heaps of crays.



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Mum & Dad on holiday in their tent at Denham, Shark Bay.










Mum showing Ann how to clean fish.



Mum, Dad and Candy at their home at Stratton.






Jefferies Family photo. (Missing is Matt, Bianca & family in Victoria; and Daniel with another engagement.)

Image taken at Pop Jefferies' wake in Stratton.




At the Stratton house.                                                                          At home in Bayswater.  July 2010.



Mum Jefferies with Ann's Mum Elaine Picks, plus Matthews family.



Mum with Daniel at his farewell dinner before leaving for London, at the Rivervale Hotel.  July 2010.



At Beth's 70th Birthday with Beth & Elvie in Mandurah.  July 2010.



Ann made this quilt for Mum.  At the Aged Care Home, July 2011.




The Christmas lunch at Mum's home, 2011.














The Christmas lunch at Mum's home, 2011.




Daniel and Claire visit Mum at the Aged Care Home, January 2012.







Beth's Family

Elvie's family

graeme's family


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