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Victor Picks Family (Ann's brother)

This is a small sample of the photos in our old family album, going back many years. Many of the photos are scanned from old prints or transparencies (slides). Due to the age and deterioration of some the prints and transparencies, image quality may be rather poor in some cases.


All images taken by Max Jefferies or a member of my family, or on our behalf,

and copyright is retained by us in all cases and can only be used for private purposes.



Victor, Ann & Nancy.


Martin, Victor, Ann & Nancy.


Martin & Victor.



Martin & Victor.                                                                                               Victor.


Martin, Ann & Victor.



                               Victor.                                                                                 Ted & Elaine, Victor's parents.




The Picks family at the zoo.                                                                Victor in the Scouts.


Victor, Ann & Nancy.



         Victor & Martin.                                                                           Victor & Martin, with ?.



    Victor and dad, Ted.                                                                             Victor, Ann, ? & Nancy.




          Victor & Martin.                                                                   Ann, Victor, Martin & Nancy


Ted, Victor, Martin, Elaine - back;  Nancy, Kerry, Lynette - front.


Victor at back, with mum Elaine, siblings and cousins in Geraldton.






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Mum Elaine at Victor's 21st birthday.


Elaine & Victor.


Elaine & Victor.



Martin & Victor.                                                                                               Victor.        


Victor & Martin.


The family.


The Picks family: Ann, Ted jnr., Victor, Elaine, Ted snr., Martin, Kerry & Lyn.


The family sending off Victor on his holiday to Thailand.


Victor at the Perth Airport, with Dave & ?..



Victor & ?.                                                                                Victor & Matthew.



Victor, with Matthew & Daniel.                                                                                    Linda.                




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The Jefferies parked outside Victor & Linda's unit in South Hedland, on their around Australia trip in 1981.


Victor & Linda.


Victor took us on a tour of wear he worked at the iron ore loading facility in Port Hedland.


BHP's Iron Ore facility at Port Hedland, Western Australia.



BHP's Iron Ore facility at Port Hedland, Western Australia.


Victor on-the-job at BHP's Iron Ore facility at Port Hedland, Western Australia.


We all went fishing in a mangrove creek north of the town.


Dad Jefferies put out a net and caught over fifty mullet.


It took us hours to clean the things, but Linda was very happy.


When the tide goes out you are left with mud.






And if you miss out on that, you're gonna miss the whole point of your life.






Linda & Victor, with Steven.


Linda & Victor, with Steven.



Linda & Victor, with Steven.



Linda & Victor, with Steven.



Linda & Steven, with Elaine & Ted.



Victor & Linda, with baby Christine & Steven.                                                      Steven & Christine.                



Steven & Christine.                                                                                            Christine.          


The Picks grandchildren.


Christine & Steven.                


Steven & Christine.








Steven & Christine.






Victor's funeral.


Victor's funeral.



Linda, with Christine & Steven.




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Christine Picks.



Bridesmaid Christine at her mum's marriage to Ian.                                             Christine & Steven.                          





Dan and Christine with baby Phoenix.



Dan and Christine with baby Phoenix.



Dan and Christine with nanna Picks.



Christine wrestling a mud crab.



Getting ready for Steven & Erin's wedding.                                                           Jay, Christine and Lyn.             





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Steven Picks.



Erin & Steven with ?.


Steven, Erin, ? & ?.


Elaine, ?, Lyn, Troy, Desiree, Kerry, Ann, Erin & Paige.


Steven & Erin's wedding - Jay, Ted, Steven & Martin.



Steven & Erin's wedding on the Broome beach, Western Australia.



Steven & Erin.                                                                                            Paige.


The wedding party.



          Erin & Steven Picks.                                                                                Paige.                     





Erin & Steven.



              Erin.                                                                                           Paige & Steven.


Erin & Steven and family, plus Christine standing.



Steven and Jay.                                                                              Steven swingin'.



Kerry, Steven and Lyn.                                                                            Martin, Steven & Elaine.



Erin & Steven with nanna Picks.








NANCY's Family

an & Linda's Wedding

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