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Eyre Peninsula


South Australia


The Spencer Gulf borders the eastern side of the Peninsula along which are located a number of small coastal towns with sandy beaches and excellent fishing opportunities. In contrast to the sheltered waters of the Spencer Gulf, the west coast is exposed to the full force of the Southern Ocean. This area offers some of the most spectacular rugged coastal scenery in Australia. The main town in this area is Ceduna, an excellent base for experiencing the coastal scenery, superb fishing and water activities. The hinterland of the Eyre Peninsula offers picturesque hills, vast grain growing tracts and agricultural areas - producing over 10% of Australia's wheat crop. Much of the region remains untouched by development and is set aside as reserves, parks and native bushland.


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Image sourced from maps.google.com.au/



The Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.  Image from maps.google.com.au/



 View Port Augusta hereImage from Webshots - Aeeast



Typical country as you head south out of Port Augusta.



The old water tanks near the Eyre Highway & Lincoln Highway intersection, South Australia.



Graffiti art work on the empty water tanks, Eyre Hwy, South Australia.



The message needs to be heard.




Copyright 2005 Answers in Genesis Ministries International.    www.AnswersinGenesis.org




Welcome to Whyalla, South Australia.  Image from raineandhorne.com.au/



Whyalla is a steel city, with the Whyalla Steelworks opened in May, 1941.  Image from clareges.blogspot.com.au/



Whyalla Steelworks is a fully integrated steelworks and the only manufacturer of rail in Australia Image from flickr.com/



Threat of the closure of the steelworks has surfaced periodically, but as of 2014 is yet to eventuate.  Image from flickr.com/



HMAS Whyalla was the first ship built at the Whyalla Shipyards, in 1941.    Image from flickr.com/



57m in length and 650 tonnes, it was commissioned in 1942 and used by the navy as an antisubmarine and

minesweeping vessel. It was involved in repelling the 1942 Japanese mini-submarine attack on Sydney and

saw service in New Guinea and Hong Kong.   Image from ourbigaussieroadtrip.com/



The Spencer Hotel in Whyalla, South Australia.  Image from flickr.com/



Playford Avenue, Whyalla, with Mt. Young in the background.  Image from flickr.com/



Whyalla marina and beach, South Australia.  Image from wanderingtheplanet.net/



Just over 30 kilometres from Whyalla is Point Lowly Lighthouse.  Image from flickr.com/



Giant Australian Cuttlefish, also known as sepia apama, collect in shallow waters near Whyalla, South Australia.

Each year between May and August thousands of Giant Cuttlefish migrate to the coastline between False Bay

and Fitzgerald Bay near Whyalla for spawning.  Image from flickr.com/






The Veracity Project on Vimeo.





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Golden Island, Coffin Bay.

Copyright - John White Photos


Sheringa surf.   Copyright - John White Photos


Boat slipway at Streaky Bay.  Copyright - John White Photos





Long Beach, Coffin Bay.

Copyright - John White Photos


Cliff Art at Elliston.

Copyright - John White Photos


Streaky Bay.   Copyright - John White Photos











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